Best Bibs for Baby Led Weaning (2023)

Your baby + your baby’s food = inevitable messiness. Fear not, friend! From one mom to another, I have researched and tested these amazing bibs to save you from more unnecessary cleaning. 

After talking with parents, I’ve noticed we are all looking for 3 things when it comes to purchasing bibs. (1) how clean will it keep my baby (2) how easy is it for me to clean the bib, and (3) what’s the price? So, I decided to highlight these features first and then include the other details (such as size, color, material, eco-friendly, etc.) below. I hope this helps! 

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young toddler with bib practicing baby led weaning

Baby Led Weaning Bibs – Easiest to Clean: 

Mushie silicon bib for baby led weaning

Mushie Silicon Bib (Amazon) $12.99 

The Mushies silicon bib is my all-time favorite! Designed in Sweden, Mushie bibs feature classic patterns capturing a look that’s both timeless and elegant. Comes in a variety of colors. Made from food-grade silicone, these playful bibs are BPA and phthalate-free. Easy to clean, built-in food-catching pocket, comfortable for baby. Not machine-washable. 

Note – some babies can rip the silicon bibs off. If you have a feisty little one, be aware of this! 

OXO Tot set of two bibs for baby led weaning

OXO Tot (Amazon) $19.99 (set of 2) 

The OXO Tot bib is made of silicon, making it easy to clean and comfortable for babies. The wide silicone pocket catches food spills. BPA, phthalate and PVC free. The roll-up design is great for on-the-go families! Hand-wash & hang dry. Machine washable on cold. 

Note – the front side material must air dry which may be inconvenient for some in between feedings. Luckily, it comes in a pack of 2 so you can use the spare while the other dries.

Baby Bjorn baby bib for baby led weaning

Baby Bjorn $19.99 (set of 2) 

This baby bib has a soft neckband that is easy to adjust as your child grows. Made from water-repellent material, BPA- and PVC-free, to keep your child dry. Food-catcher pocket. You may rinse with soap and water or pop it in the dishwasher! Comes in a variety of neutral colors. Dish-washer safe. 

Baby Led Weaning Bibs – That Actually Keep Your Babies Clean: 

tiny twinkies bib for baby led weaning, longsleeve, smock, waterproof.

Tiny Twinkles Bib – 2 Pack Longsleeve (Amazon) $17.99 (set of 2) 

These Tiny Twinkle bibs are waterproof, lightweight, water-repellent fabric from recycled polyester, with a bottom pocket food catcher. These are great to travel with, keeping your baby clean in their adorable outfits!

They have an adjustable side closure, easy enough for you to put on but challenging enough for your little one to rip off. 


EzPz’s Babypron Baby  $22.99

Absolutely most fashionable! For me, I like to have a stylish bib as I am frequently capturing pictures of my little ones eating. In addition, these babyprons are made from eco-friendly polyester that is buttery soft, and waterproof.

Offered in sizes ranging from 6m – 3T or the Preschool Bapron (3-5yrs). 

Machine washable.

smock bib for baby led weaning in blue floral

Bumpkins Sleeved Smock Bib (Amazon) $14.95 

Best long-sleeved bib! Comes in a variety of patterns. Perfect for self-feeding infants to keep the mess at a minimum. 100% polyester. Waterproof. Catch-all pocket. Machine washable.

Baby Led Weaning Bibs – Most Bang for Your Buck Bibs: 

panda eat set of 3 silicone baby bibs

Panda Ear Set of 3 Silicone Bibs (Amazon) $8.45 (set of 3) 

This set is definitely the most bang for your buck, but you might end up paying for the quality. However, they do offer a lifetime warranty (I have not tried it) so, these might be worth it! This silicone design is the easiest to clean and includes the catcher pocket. Comes in a variety of adorable colors. BPA-free. Machine-washable. 

muslin bibs for babies to keep them dry from drool, food, or milk.

Konssy Muslin Baby Bibs 8 Pack Bibs (Amazon) $22.99 (set of 8) 

The front of baby bibs are made of 100% cotton (Muslin) and the back are polyester(comfort fleece) for maximum absorption with a soft touch. These soft Bibs can be used in a variety of ways: burp cloths, baby bibs, washcloth, and wipe clothes. Crafted with ultra-soft fabric to ensure your baby stays comfortable. Adjustable size up to 36 months. Machine washable.

magnetic bibs to keep babies dry from spills with spoon feeding or baby led weaning

Magnetic Stay Dry Infant Bib 3-pack $24.00 (set of 3) 

Another eco-friendly model, created to easily pop on and off your little one while keeping them clean and dry! They are breathable and temperature-regulating so that you little one does not get too hot on those summer picnic days! Machine washable. 

Note – designed only for babies up to 16 lbs.

And A Bib for The floor – Splat Mats

Oftentimes times I opt for the ~all natural bib~ which is nothing but a diaper. But that leaves my floor and the high chair CHAOS! For those moments we use, 

baby led weaning splat mat in grey set of 2

Splatmat (Amazon) $15.98

This splat mat is made to protect your floors and tables from mealtime spills and playtime messes. Made with anti-slip silicone to keep the high chair floor mat firmly in place. Wipeable and Machine Washable (hang dry). 

Biloban offers a lifetime Guarantee: If our splat mat doesn’t meet your needs for any reason, replacement or money back. No question asked!

toddler splat mat in caramel for boho homes

ToddleKind High Chair Splat Mat $89.99

And for the mamas looking to keep your kitchen stylish and neutral, this Prettier Splat Mat is for you! Crafted from high-quality, non-slip PVC, they are durable and wipe-clean. Say goodbye to the worries of post-meal or crafting cleanups and embrace mess-free moments with a Prettier Splat Mat.

I hope this helps you! And whatever bib you choose, just know that you are doing a wonderful job. You are the best caregiver to your sweet little one. If you’re interested in learning how to feed your 8-11-month-old baby, I have a few posts for you! What My 8-Month-Old Eats In a Day,  Sample 9-Month-Old Feeding Schedule, and Sample 11-Month-Old Feeding Schedule.

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Written by, Sheridan Glaske MS, RDN, LD

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